• There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.
    Charles F. Kettering (American Inventor, 1876-1958)

  • The principle mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers.
    Arthur Koestler (British novelist, 1905-1938)

  • There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.
    John S. Herrington

Value Packages

To assist our clients to budget effectively and to package our services in the most user friendly manner, we have created various options from which to choose.

Our Starter Packs provide an opportunity to perform a brand overhaul, and provide key strategic marketing direction for effective on-going marketing management.

Our Monthly Marketing Management Service (MMS) Bundles, provide the necessary on- going assistance to help our clients implement their Marketing Plans effectively to generate sales and grow profits. 
  These discounted monthly fees cover management activity (including strategic consultancy, planning and project management), communication with the client (including attendance at all relevant meetings), and any pre-specified activity.

5 HOURS @ R 3000 / month
10 HOURS @ R 5000 / month
15 HOURS @ R 7000 / month
20 HOURS @ R 9000 / month
25 HOURS @ R 10 000 / month
50 HOURS @ R 15 000 / month

Expenses incurred by us exclusively on behalf of a client, (out of town trade visits and non-routine travel costs), are charged at the going rate. Third party costs are billed directly to the client.
  On-going Marketing Services can be requested from ‘Starter Pack’ Clients on an adhoc basis without a MMS Bundle agreement, but these services will be charged out at our standard hourly rates:

Account Management / Strategic Planning
Director : R 950 / hr
Manager: R 600 / hr
Executive: R 300 / hr

Creative / Copywriting
Director: R 950 / hr
Copywriting: R 600 / hr
Graphic Design: R 300 / hr

Starter Packs

To provide clients with peace of mind and a ball park figure, we have developed generic Starter Packs based on our current client base, to give you an idea of the value our clients enjoy, compared with other professional  marketing service providers. It must be noted however, that our Starter Packs are customised according to individual client needs and quoted for accordingly.

Local Micro Enterprise
> 5 Employees; > R 1 Million Turnover
Small Business
>50 Employees; >R 15 Million Turnover
  Medium Sized Enterprise
Express Logo Design   Logo Development   Logo Development
Business Card Design Business Card & Stationary Design   Corporate Stationary Design
Basic Marketing Plan Brochure Design   Business Card Design
Template Website   Customized Website   Website Development
From R 9 000   Marketing Plan   Branding Design
  From R 25 000   Brochure Design
        Marketing Strategy
    From R 40 000